Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream

Foot Beauty Treatment Cream

Brand: Clarins

ID: #12150

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  • A rich, deeply permeating, non-oily foot treatment cream .
  • Helps nourish, revitalize & recover the natural beauty of your feet.
  • Contains Virgin Cashew Nut Oil to recover softness to skin.
  • Rich in Shea Butter to sleek away roughness & hydrate skin.
  • Infused with Arnica to soothe tiredness & swelling.
  • Blended with Myrrh to enhance & embellish nails.
  • Plus Essential Oil of Thyme to clarify skin.


Barcode: 3380811563107
Original name Foot Beauty Treatment Cream
Sold for a year 354
Type products for the face and body Cream
Tool properties Hydration of the skin , Removal of irritation , Skin nutrition , Calming effect , Smoothing effect

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11 Review(s)

4.9 / 5

Reviews (11)

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Ann Mayer

Great product. it absorbs fast

user avatar
yulia nigel

best cream ever. my feet and nails are well norished

user avatar
Michele Thaler

This is a fabulous rich cream, I rub into my feet and whatever is left into my hands. The smell is kind of herby - not perfumy but I like it.

user avatar
Amy Belz

After trying a number of foot creams over the years, this product is the most effective by far. Lovely scent, noticeably softer feet and no greasy residue.

user avatar
Lorraine Thomas

This is a really lovely foot cream. I se it at night but usually only in winter as it can make your feet feel a bit sweaty. My Grandson loves me to massage his feet with it after a long day at school... he's seven years old & loves the attention & the "special" cream!

user avatar
Shelley Meyer

I haven't found anything better than this...recommended.

user avatar
Gennie Trapp

Love this Foot Cream - it keeps my feet smooth, callus-free. Love the scent as well.

user avatar
Gennie Trapp

This foot cream is slightly scented. It keeps your feet smooth and pampered all day.

user avatar

This is the most amazing foot cream I have ever used. Put it on before bed at every night to keep your feet smooth, moisturised and soft.

user avatar
Delphine M

If you need to put some romance into caring for your feet, look no further! This is a beautiful and soft foot lotion. The best way to use it is to gently massage it into your feet, taking your time... It's moisturising and softening. The fragrance is discreet and lovely. My feet are left smooth and soft, ready for another day's hard work. One of my favourites !

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