American Crew Men Molding Clay

Men Molding Clay

Brand: American Crew

ID: #18321

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  • Delivers concentrated styling power to sculpt hair into any style.
  • Contains unique blend of natural extracts & beeswax.
  • Maintains touchable shape & texture.
  • Works well for short styles.
  • To use: Rub clay between palms or fingertips. Then distribute evenly throughout towel-dried hair.


Barcode: 738678242025
Original name Men Molding Clay
Sold for a year 356
Packaging пластиковая банка
Type of hair products Clay
The degree of fixation Easy
Desired effect Texturing

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11 Review(s)

3.6 / 5

Reviews (11)

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Leaves hair a bit too shiny for my taste. Hold is ok if you put the right amount, but hair seem very shiny, which is not too my taste. If you apply less, the sinyness is subdued (it's still there however!), but the hold doesn't seem to last all day long

user avatar
yvonne sohan

Easy to use, textures good

user avatar
Deborah Brooks

This is my husband's favourite go-to styling product (and I steal some as well). Gives texture and volume, using just a smidgen.

user avatar
Melanie Manning

This is a bit sticky. Prefer others in this range

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Praveer Dikshit

I purchased American Crew Moulding Clay after reading lots of reviews. And the product indeed lives up to its expectations. The product is very stiff, because it's a clay. But once you rub it in your palms, it's becomes light and transparent and is very easy to apply in the hairs evenly. Apply it when your hairs are 80% blow dried. The hold is very good and this product provides matte finish. Your hairstyle will remain as it is the whole day. I recommend it. Would be ordering another one once it gets finished.

user avatar

I use this to finish of my hair after i blowdry it, you just rub some in your hands and put it in there, smells good and holds well.

user avatar
Emily Beall

Great to add texture, medium to strong hold with a semi-matte finish

user avatar
Cliff Wong Mun Chung

Was expecting a matt or dry looking finish. But somehow it looks a little too oily for a clay.

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Dave McIntosh

Delivered what I ordered in the stated time frame

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