DR. Hauschka Cleansing Cream

Cleansing Cream

Brand: DR. Hauschka

ID: #13370

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  • Absolutely gentle to delicate layers of skin.
  • Removes dirt & impurities to reduce enlarged pores.
  • Preserves natural pH balance of skin.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • Leaves skin fresh & healthy.


Barcode: 4020829333598
Original name Cleansing Cream
Sold for a year 216
Skin type Problem
Type products for the face and body Cream
Tool properties Hydration of the skin , Cleansing , Smoothing effect , Against the skin pores

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14 Review(s)

4.6 / 5

Reviews (14)

user avatar

Yes! An amazing product. Doesn’t last as long as the Cleansing milk but it’s because of the tube. I roll it to get every last little bit out. A little goes a very long way and this is a really top of the line product. Has that day spa smell which I adore- very natural essential oil delicious.

user avatar
Maria Zylinski

Gentle scrub/cleanser, great for everyday use.

user avatar
Samantha Milner

A gentle exfoliant perfect for dry winter skin. I use once in the morning and it gives my skin a nice refreshing feel. Great smell too. Good all year round.

user avatar
Vicki McMurray

A natural and gentle cleanser and exfoliator

user avatar
Jayshree Naran

Easy to use and good results

user avatar
Evangelia Damalou

I have been using this cream for cleansing every morning for several years now and it always delivers the same wonderful look and feel. The skin is glowing and remains hydrated, this cream is nothing similar to anything other cleansing cream in the market! When lightly pressed on the skin, it releases essential oils that nurture and hydrate the skin in the most natural way! I would be devastated if it ever went out of market!

user avatar

keeps blackheads and whiteheads at bay!

user avatar
Melanie Mitchell

Nice cleanser, but nothing to write home about.

user avatar
Alison Meredith

Works beautifully in the morning - love the smell of this cleanser, almost like hops- very softening for the face. Make a paste on your hand and press on and over the face, rather than rubbing it around....easier on the skin. I have used daily for over 10 years.

user avatar
Pauline Nash

I find it very hard to find an exfoliator that does not contain micro beads, so opted for this product. It's ok, but I'm not a fan of the texture. The rating system is forcing me to give it 5 stars. I give it 3... rigged again!

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