Clarins Super Restorative Decollete & Neck Concentrate

Super Restorative Decollete & Neck Concentrate

Brand: Clarins

Brand Line: Clarins Super Restorative

ID: #12277

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  • An intensive fluid cream for décolleté, neck & tops of shoulders.
  • Softens fines lines & firms skin texture.
  • Hydrates skin for optimal moisture balance.
  • Lightens pigmentation spots & reduces redness.
  • Skin appears smooth, supple & even-toned.
  • Perfect for daily use.


Barcode: 3380811072203
Original name Super Restorative Decollete & Neck Concentrate
Sold for a year 322
Type products for the face and body Concentrate
Tool properties Hydration of the skin , Anti-aging effect

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9 Review(s)

4.1 / 5

Reviews (9)

user avatar
Jolanta Kozlovska

It worcks. It really worcks, will buy again.

user avatar
Ella Sherman

Silky Smooth. I changed from the old Clarins neck cream to this latest version and really like it. It absorbs quickly and leaves your neck silky smooth

user avatar
Pamela Johnson

Super restorative neck and decolletage cream. This really is a great cream for the neck area

user avatar
Lena Tariman

Clarins Superestorative Neck Cream. Rich yet not oily cream which wraps your neck in luxury.

user avatar
Rene' Tritaris

Its ok but doesnt lighten skin. This cream did not lighten pigmentation as promised but did feel smooth and soft on the skin. It has a lovely fragrance.

user avatar
Michelle Temple

Clarins Super Restorative Decollet & Neck. Extremely good for your neck through menopause Lovely cream

user avatar
Geoffrey Onions

No turkey neck for me. I have been using Clarins products for at least 20 years. A Clarins neck cream has always been a part of my beauty routine. So far it's working and the neck and decollete are in great shape. A little cream goes a long way on this part of the body. Karren O

user avatar
Esta Kariz

One of my favourite products. Being mid forties now I have used this Neck Concentrate for the past three to four years and love it. It refines the neckline, diminishes wrinkles and helps the decollete area to be moisture enriched. This in turn reduces the wrinkles that appear in the morning around that area. Highly concentrated, it does last me for about six months.

user avatar
Jo Jo

Excellent product. The product really works and has excellent results. I am in my early 60's and have been using this product regularly and my decollete looks fantastic. No creepy wrinkles thank goodness

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